March Madness

A March Madness Pool: Modeling the Madness as a Financial Marketplace (Click here for more info
Submit Round 1 Pool Entries Here (Entries closed; Round of 64 is Mar 17-18 [Thu & Fri])

Submit Round 2 Pool Entries Here (due by Mar 19 at 10am ET; Round of 32 is Mar 19-20 [Sat & Sun])

Submit Round 3 Pool Entries Here (due by Mar 23 at midnight ET; Sweet 16 games Mar 24-25 [Thu & Fri])

Submit Round 4 Pool Entries Here (due by Mar 26 at 10am ET; Elite 8 is Mar 26-27 [Sat & Sun])

Submit Round 5 Pool Entries Here (Final Four entries -- due by Thurs, March 31 at midnight; Final Four is Sat)

Submit Round 6 Pool Entries Here (Championship -- due Mon, April 4 at 12noon ET; Championship Game is April 4)